Why you may not be connected to other persons with a Wadner surname.
Perhaps you have lost contact with someone called
Wadner in the past, and you are hoping to locate them here through the messages system?


Are you looking for more information on the origins of the name?

Family Tree Help

Searching your family tree? We can point you in the direction of some useful websites. Starting at the beginning of what you already know, you of course know your own name and when you were born, better still if you know what your father's name was, and when and where he was born, and now is where it gets interesting, do you know who your grandfather was? OK so if we have now gone too far don't worry, someone else may have that information.

Missing Persons

We aim to try to connect people with the surname of Wadner, with all parties agreed we can be a starting point to re-unite families.
Are you looking to find a missing sibling, parent or child? or possibly just a school friend, we can give advice and help when we can, however we are not a missing persons bureau, but if we know the other party (and with their permission) we can link you up.


English is preferred, I will attempt to answer in any language you use, but it will be via a translation service, so I can not guarantee accuracy.

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