GDPR The Data Protection Act 2018

Data Protection Act 2018 applies to Membership of the WADNER MEMBERS GROUP

By signing for a membership of the group, you give us the right to use the information your provide for the sole purpose of opperating your membership.

The information we hold on you, is the information you supply to us about yourself during registration and subsequent contact.

This information will be used only as needed to run your Membership. We do not pass your information on to any other company or individual, with exception of a properly formed legal request.

You have a right to request the information we hold on you at any time, and a right to be forgotten.

This will be acted upon within the time frame as set out in DPA2018 or subsequent amendments to. All information is included on your membership acceptance email.

Membership is only available for those aged eighteen and over, we will not store information of persons below that age.

Membership is for 1 year. Information is only held on our servers for the duration of your membership. It is then deleted from our servers and backups within 7-business days once your membership expires. Your membership number will be obsoleted.

Extending your membership can be done at any time during your membership; extensions are for 1 year from date of extension request.  Reminder will be sent one month before the end of your membership.