Lost contact with someone with a surname of Wadner?

School friend or relative we may be able to help you, we may be able to locate them, we will make an initial contact if we can find them and give them a unique first contact email address, which will patch through to yours. We do not charge you for this service. We will be unable to tell you if we unable to located the person you were searching for, or to tell you if they want no contact unless they specifically request we inform you that they want no contact.

If you decide you want no further contact, just do not reply, request our patch is removed and your details have remained secure.

It is against the Data Protection Act for us to give out your or their personal information, please do not ask.

Still want to contact them? CLICK HERE FOR A CONTACT FORM

Because of the potential dangers involved with contacting biological parents, only persons over 18 are permitted to search.
We will also not search for anyone below 18 years of age, there is no negotiation on this.

If you need help with making first contact, then I suggest you try
Relate or simular, your Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to help.
Links will be added to the site if found to be helpful.

Remember some parents, siblings and children may wish to not be contacted.
Now is a time to remind you that thing's you may have heard about your parents, brother, sister or child may not be as one sided as you have been told.
Only enter into a search if you are willing to contact them with an open mind.

Remember a parent may have been reluctant to leave, and to no longer be in your life. There may have been reasons that have not been told to you. There are too many ways they may have left you life and in some cases it was to avoid arguments, or because they or you moved away. The one last point here is there may be legal reasons why your parent had to leave, such as imprisonment or a court order. In the part of parents trying to locate their children, they may have been told stories of how bad a father / mother you were, that you were violent, insane or even dead.


You must be over 18 years of age to enter data into this site, we hold no information on persons younger than 18.