We all loose track of people, and those with a Wadner Surname are not less prone to it.
School Friends, Relatives & Work Colleagues can move and details get lost.
We can use the information you provide as a member to help make a connection with other members. We may have the person your looking for already on the system, and we can contact them for you. But because of the Data protection Act 2018 we can do no more that unless they give consent, at which point we can give them your email address. By requesting a connection you give us the right to give your email address to the person you are wishing to connect with.

Because there are potential dangers involved with contacting biological parents, only those over 18 are permitted to be members and we will not search for anyone below that age. There is no negotiation on this.

If you need help making your first contact, then we suggest you contact Relate or perhaps the Citizens Advice Service may also be able to help.

Remember some parents, siblings or offspring may wish to not be contacted for reasons you may not even be aware of.

Now is a time to remind you that not everything you may have heard about your parent, brother, sister or child may be strictly true. Humans do tend to exaggerate the one side of an argument, and you may not know the real facts about why these people are no longer in contact. 

Remember a parent may have been reluctant to leave, and to no longer be in your life. There may have been reasons that have not been told to you. There are too many ways they may have left your life and in some cases it was to avoid arguments, or because they or you moved away.

There may be legal reasons why your parent had to leave, such as imprisonment or a court order, they could still be imprisoned or the court order could still be active. 

In the part of parents trying to locate their children, they may have been told stories of how bad a father / mother you were, that you were violent, insane or even dead.

Only enter into a search if you are willing to contact them with an open mind.